Goal: Design hypothetical system for the possibilities of data collection in AV's
Team: Brogan Williams, Lindsay Caslin, Sara Ellis Beaver
Deliverables: Scenario Video (coming soon), Presentation Pitch, Hi-Fi Prototype
2021 - 12 weeks
In this future: For almost a decade, AVs have been ubiquitous, leading to sometimes drastic redesigns of urban and suburban spaces. Individuals do not own personal vehicles but instead call an AV when needed. The vehicles themselves are intelligent and can identify and respond to unique drivers/users. 
Our lense: The systematic change in the driving environment influences a variety of livelihoods and careers. In this future, the service field is still necessary and service providers can link personal trailers to these public vehicles.

Scenario Video Coming Soon

How can the data collected by an AV benefit human passengers and the service community in ways unrelated to the functionality of the car?

After multiple interviews with service providers, secondary research into autonomous vehicle data collection and the pain points of running a roofing business, our finalized persona, Victor, materialized.

Mapping out Victor's daily responsibilities as a roofing manager and the affordances of AV technology helped us to pinpoint which parts of his process could be improved by data collection.
As a roof repair manager, Victor wants to use data more efficiently in order to improve his customer acquisition process.
Our AV interface has several components: 
- Potential Customer Dashboard and Timeline
- Holographic House Spec. Windshield View 
- Handheld Customer Summary and Pitch Screen

Each touchpoint helps Victor secure and attain more customers.
As the AV calculates Victor's route to his worksite, it incorporates the data about customer history, area history and weather patterns to map out the most promising route for his door to door canvassing. These new interfaces help ease the stress of his day and take some of the weight off of his customer acquisition.
Potential Customer Dashboard: 
includes location history, potential customer information, and a route summary
Internal Holographic Windshield View
includes roof specifications, last repairs, and potential damage detected by satellite
Customer-Facing Pitch and Summary
includes savings, energy efficiency, environmental benefits, logistics, and indication of interest
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